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Hello! Allow me to introduce myself to the universe, I am Sarah Westill. Christian, wife, mother, author, novice artist, professional photographer, graphic designer (this is actually my ‘real’ job), and teacher!

I homeschool our youngest for a few more months as he transitions from 6th to 7th grade, then I’m sending him to private school for actual 7th grade. I will continue to teach other people’s kids art, because they go home with someone else, and I will go home to a blissfully silent house free of ‘do your school now!’ fights. After seven years, it’s time for the youngest bird to have a little time outside the nest. Homeschooling has been a fabulous journey, and we have an amazing kid who is very comfortable in his own skin. A positive to the homeschool experience done correctly. But, each day has become a battle I’m not willing to take on anymore. This momma is tired. And as my days get fuller with my professional career and my writing, it’s time for our next chapter. Being a year-round schooler, when he learned he’ll get large chunks of time off, spending 7 hours a day in a classroom suddenly seemed appealing. As did seeing people daily, since with Covid-19, homeschooling became a lot less fun. Social opportunities dwindled to practically nothing.

 So, it seems a good place to move into a new experience. One where he can make friends he gets to see daily, and I might get to keep my house clean, work out, and get some quiet writing time in each day. Sounds like a winner to me.

I also dabble in art. I love watercolors and have been tinkering with acrylic for a medium. I discovered I have a minor obsession with Golden paints, and have been investing in the primary colors that are in the same family (warm and cool) to make my own beautiful colors. I highly recommend this, especially if you want to start small and stay within budget. Also start with a small canvas, and a simple piece that you can find on Pinterest. I recommend basic skylines or simple mountainscapes. When you finish your first canvas, the sense of accomplishment is wonderful. 😊

I absolutely LOVE to teach littles art. 2nd grade is my favorite. In addition to wanting to please, they actually still listen to instruction at this age and are so proud of themselves when they complete any portion. They aren’t hard on themselves yet, they don’t self-criticize. We can learn a lot from a 2nd grader. They also respond very well to praise and positive reinforcement. I am really looking forward to sharing some of our wonderful art projects.

On top of my writing, and my art dabblings, I’m also a semi-professional photographer. I say semi-pro because I haven’t had any official training, aside from working with actual pro-photographers, who helped me learn the ins and outs of exposure, composition, posing and depth of field. I absolutely adore portrait photography. Being able to capture a very human story, a moment in time for a new mother, a new marriage, is such an amazing opportunity and honor.

My job that helps pay for my path to self-publishing is a graphic designer. I’m a cover artist. Long story, but I work under the name Elaina Lee. A lot of people know Elaina the cover artist. I’m proud of that, and really blessed to have worked with hundreds of authors over the span of an entire decade. I hope to feature a few on this blog, and I’ll also being sharing cover art advice. Being a veteran in the industry, I sure have a lot to share with y’all who may be interested.

I am excited to be starting this journey. To introduce to you my world, my Guardians, and the stories the characters have urged me to write. I hope you enjoy reading them over the coming years as much as I have enjoyed writing them. 


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