Cover spot light for Wintersfall


On June 3rd I will release the first in my Guardian’s of Sziveria series, and I am so excited! 

When I decided to create the covers for this series, I knew I wanted to have couples because my books center around the relationship of my hero and heroine. Their story is told as a unit, and I definitely wanted the romantic vibe two people accomplish on a cover. My focus however has always been on the hero. The heroines on each cover aren’t quite right for my vision, but the men are.

The male model on this cover really fits my hero, Sean Blackbain, perfectly. The style of his hair, the faint beard, even his expression is right. I was so excited. The female model, not so much, but thankfully you don’t see a whole lot of her. Katria has a fuller mouth in the book, and a smoother jawline. She’s younger than this model. But her attitude is all right. Katria is confident (most days), and has enough attitude to test the calm patience of her husband.

While the books aren’t historical (taking place in a far-future time), the complete lack of technology gives them a definite older-world vibe. The more fantasy elements of their genetic inheritance inspired me to have all my couples surrounded in a hazy, electrical mist. The cold of their daily environment had me adding the subtle element of falling snow, pulling everything together to create a unique feel for my Gen-Heirs covers. I hope you like them. 😊 

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